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What to look for to determine if you may have foundation problems or need a structural evaluation of your property:

  • Cracks in brick or mortar joints
  • Separation of window and/or door frames
  • Uneven or deflected mortar lines
  • Cracks in the foundation or floors
  • Interior drywall (walls or ceilings) cracks
  • Windows and/or doors that do not open or close properly
  • Uneven floors
  • Large trees or bushes growing near the foundation
  • Downspouts discharging at the base of the foundation, water ponding near the base of the foundation, wet areas in the yard, or other drainage problems

If your home is experiencing any of these characteristics, a structural evaluation may be necessary to assess the need for repairs. Left untreated, these conditions often worsen in severity and repairs can become more costly.  Foundation movements can also cause damage to plumbing and/or gas lines, resulting in additional problems.  Foundation issues can adversely affect the value of your home.  Once a reputable contractor has made proper repairs, however, the home is usually restored to its market value. Before selecting a repair company, the homeowner should carefully check all references to verify the quality of the company’s work, its response to warranty calls, general customer satisfaction with the work performed, and any records with the Better Business Bureau.   

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